Lakehouse Buildout

Problem we found

Major European white goods servicing and repair company had no centralized data about its customers and business operations, preventing it from being able to optimize its business processes. 

Customer Vision

  • Implement a centralized lakehouse platform on Databricks and develop use cases to provide their data scientists with a 360 degree view of their business processes and their customers.   
  • Based on customer purchase patterns, understand how each customer engages with the business including call center, support, repairs, claims, remediation and so on

Technical Pain

  • Data was in different home-grown applications, and different applications were unable to communicate with each other
  • Not able to get a unified view of all company data & therefore the customer data 
  • Need for simplified data architecture

Solution we implemented

  • Initial Lakehouse build out
  • Unity Catalog setup and implementation for data governance
  • Dev Ops / CI-CD integration and simplified development workflow
  • Training & mentoring customer data engineers. The Customer’s data engineers and infrastructure support team were new to databricks so the engagement involved co development of enablement resources for both. 
  • Advisor and thought leader on all things databricks
Data sources in Lakehouse buildout

Positive Outcomes

  • Delivered initial data warehouse to 15 data scientists within 3 months
  • 2 Major Use Cases delivered as part of initial lakehouse build 
  • Over 70 data sources unified into the Lakehouse
  • Mix of Delta Live and Batch Processing enabled with daily and monthly workflows

“Congratulations! Computomic is the first partner to successfully deliver a major Enterprise project end to end for the Databricks EMEA Professional Services team.” Artir Geci, Delivery Partner Manager, Databricks Professional Services EMEA