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Our team of experts helps customers achieve tangible business value through the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform across multiple industries & use cases.

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Delivering successful Data + AI projects across multiple industries

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Lakehouse Build Out Use Cases
  • Call Center Data (Genesys)
  • Supply Chain Data (SAP)
  • Insurance Data (Guidewire)
  • IOT Data
  • Crypto Currency Payments
  • AML/ Fraud Prevention
  • Cyber Security
  • Customer Demographic Data
  • Customer Purchase Data
  • Customer Claims Data
  • Targeted Ad Optimization
  • Robotic Surgery
Migration Use Cases
  • Snowflake
  • Teradata
  • BigQuery
  • Synapse
  • Oracle
  • Redshift
  • Hadoop
  • Informatica
  • Qubole
  • SQL Server
  • EMR
  • And others
Unity Catalog Use Cases
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
Gen AI Use Cases
  • Code Generation
  • Cyber Security
  • Knowledge base
  • Customer Service Routing
  • Search Polices & Recommendations
  • Document Discovery
  • Image Based Search
  • Many others
BI/ Analytics Use Cases
  • Databricks Dashboard (Lakeview)
  • Contracts Management Dashboard
  • Card Loyalty Management Dashboard
  • Plan Administration Portal
  • Corporate Travel & Expenses
  • Business Merchant card processing
  • Industrial equipment Monitoring
  • Business Performance Scorecard
  • Auto parts Store Analytics
  • Vehicle Telemetry Analytics
Our services

What we can do for you


Building the Lakehouse

We build the Lakehouse from the Foundations up, with robust requirements, reference architecture, sample pipelines, workflows and performance tuning.

Develop medallion architecture to transform raw data to silver and gold

Orchestrate jobs using workflow scheduler

Integrate with Customers CI/CD DevOps process

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Data Engineering


We migrate legacy applications to Databricks, such as Hadoop, Teradata, CDWs (Redshift, BigQuery, EMR), Informatica, Synapse, Oracle, and many other platforms.

Databricks Set up and automate provisioning capabilities using Terraform

Legacy data, ETL & Pipelines, workflow migration

Optimize configurations & address performance bottlenecks

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Data Engineering

Unity Catalog

We apply Databricks best practices framework to ensure the right architecture, security and governance for your data and AI assets

Unity Catalog (UC) readiness

UC implementation on a workspace

Migration from HMS to UC using accelerators

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Generative AI

We train and deploy Gen AI models on your data. We help build robust and cutting-edge ML and AI applications, and support the development, deployment & management of your models.

Gen AI implementation

MLOps for Gen AI

Security & Governance

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Insights & Dashboards

We help you implement BI & Analytics solutions. We extract meaningful insights from your data, drive innovation, and help you make data-driven decisions to stay ahead.

Improve time to Insights

Databricks Dashboards & Reporting frameworks

Self-Service Analytics

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How we work and why you should choose us


How few resources, not how many.  We are a high-impact team of experts who come in and get it done, every time.

Time to Impact

How short a time, not how long, We scope projects accurately and hate change orders. They are the exception.

Biggest Impact

How big an impact, not how big a cost. We aim to deliver a 10x+ return on your investment. That's what matters.

Get Going Now

How to  move quickly, not waiting. It’s a journey. You don't have to plan it all out up front. Start with the first step.

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