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What types of people are you looking for?
  • We are looking for committed, passionate and hard working Architects, Data Engineers and Project Managers to help us build one of the most impactful Data & AI practices in the industry.
  • We are looking for experienced and well-rounded individuals who thrive in a fast-paced environment, know how to cultivate collaborative working relationships, can communicate effectively, focus on the details and drive projects to completion.
How can I join the company?
How can I apply to Computomic?
  • Click on the open roles.
  • Complete the short application form at the bottom of the role with a short summary of your experience, training/ certifications, and why you think you would be a good fit.
  • Attach a copy of your resume and a link to your LinkedIn Profile.
How can I join the company?
What is the recruitment process at Computomic?
  • We have a simple 3 step recruitment process.
  • First, you will meet our HR Manager. She will assess your skills, experience and background and confirm that you are a strong fit for the role. This is a two way conversation and is a chance for you to ask us questions.
  • Second, you will do a technical interview with one of our Principal Consultants/ architects, Senior Data Engineers or Project Managers (you may include a technical interview with Databricks as well). This will let us assess your technical and consulting skills and will give you another perspective on our business. 
  • Third, you will meet with one of Computomic’s leadership team. This is another chance for you to ask us more questions.
  • Then we make you an offer.
How can I join the company?
How long does the recruitment process take?
  • Typically 4 weeks from application to offer.
How can I join the company?
What technical skills do I need?
How can I join the company?
What previous experience is required to work at Computomic?
  • At a top level, you need a minimum of 2 years Databricks experience for entry level data engineers, 3-4 years for senior data engineers and 5 years+ for an RSA.
  • We also expect all our data engineers, PM’s and RSA’s to have at least 5 years consulting experience.
How can I join the company?
What visa or work permit requirements do I need?
  • You need to comply with all immigration, visa and work permit requirements. To work in the US you need to be a US Citizen or Green Card holder or on an H1B Visa.
  • We sponsor H1B visas for eligible candidates.
How can I join the company?
What is Computomic's remote work policy?
  • We are a remote first organization in the US. This means that most of our teams work remotely from their home offices.
  • Or India teams work from offices in Bangalore and Pune.
How can I join the company?
What is our culture?
  • We are a highly professional team of experts.
  • We are highly diverse.
  • We act with integrity.
  • We are hard working.
  • We are kind, supportive and fair.
  • We are intellectually curious.
  • We have fun.
What is the work culture?
What Databricks Services does Computomic offer?
What services does Computomic offer?
Lakehouse Build-out
  1. Evaluate requirements, Design and Architect end to end solution from Data Ingestion to Consumption.
  2. Develop medallion architecture to transform raw data to silver and gold. Enrich data with Reference data and other third party sources.
  3. Develop SQL, Python, Java based code including creation of custom User Defined Functions. Integrate with Clients’ CI/CD DevOps process.
  4. Orchestrate Jobs using Workflow scheduler and integrate with other third party software using APIs.
  5. Performance tuning, Data quality testing and working with End users for Acceptance testing.
What are our standard processes?
What is the availability of Computomic's services?
  • We typically have a lead time of 3-4 weeks between contract signature and project starting.
  • This gives time for the project team to be assembled and onboarded.
How do I engage Computomic?
What sort of things will I be doing if I join?
  • As a member of our Computomic team you will have the opportunity to shape the future of the Data & AI landscape at leading Fortune 500 companies and cutting-edge startups. 
  • You will work on the industry’s most challenging customer engagements to solve big data problems on leading cloud platforms such as AWS/Azure/GCP using Databricks and Spark Ecosystem.
  • You will have the opportunity to work with some of the leading experts in the data and AI industry, manage complex data migration projects and help develop Data & AI best practices and thought leadership.
  • You will join a team of experts with the autonomy and flexibility to make quick decisions, forge your own paths and adapt to the changing market and customers’ needs.
What is the work culture?
What is Computomic's experience with Data & AI projects?

We have implemented 40+ of Data + AI projects. Please see our use cases.

What services does Computomic offer?
Migration and Modernization
  1. Review existing legacy code and data. Effort estimation for conversion.
  2. Migration of SQL, Stored Procedures, PySpark, Java, Scala or other proprietary language to Databricks SQL and PySpark code. Optimize for Delta storage.
  3. Data Migration service for all historical and current data.
  4. Migration from other Orchestration platforms such as Airflow to Databricks.
  5. Optimize and tune migrated code and help with cut-over process for existing platform.
What are our standard processes?
What is the legal process?
  • We are happy to use our customers' MSA's Agreements. 
  • Alternatively, we have a simple and standard Professional Services Agreement, that can be executed on a Project by Project basis.
  • We typically conclude legal agreements within 2 weeks and have a reputation for being straightforward, transparent and very easy to work with in contract negotiation.
How do I engage Computomic?
What are the opportunities for professional and career growth?

Working at Computomic gives you the opportunity to expand your professional skills and explore your interests, including:

  • Work with cutting edge technologies.
  • Work with world class team members.
  • Work with world class companies, from Fortune 500 to cutting edge start ups.
  • Work on the most interesting, exciting and varied projects, ranging from end-end/ complex migrations to FastStart/ Best Practices engagements.
  • Work across all stages of a project, from pre-sales (scope/ negotiate), to end-end delivery (execution/ impact), and customer expansion (sales).
  • Work in Tech Support/ Troubleshooting, and problem solve on BIG issues.
  • Work with Computomic’s product development team in IP Creation and tools development.
  • Work with Computomic’s content team in developing thought leadership, and help author Blogs, White Papers.
  • Work with Computomic’s marketing team, and attend industry forum & events.
  • Work with Computomic’s leadership team in developing our strategic plan and best practice operations.
What is the work culture?
How does Computomic ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget?
  • We follow a standard process (see What is our Standard Process) that is derived from successfully delivering over 40 Databricks Data + AI projects.
  • We are a team of experts with 500+ years of experience of successfully delivering Data+AI projects.
  • We have a world class team of Project Managers who know Databricks inside and out and have collectively managed over 100 Data + AI projects on behalf of Databricks.
What services does Computomic offer?
Security, Governance with Unity Catalog
  1. Evaluate Data security controls for Object level permissions, Row and Column security.
  2. Implement Unity Catalog based solution to implement Role Based Access Control.
  3. Create Data products and establish Delta sharing strategy allowing dissemination of information for inside and outside access.
What are our standard processes?
Do you do fixed price contracts?
  • Yes, we are happy to discuss fixed price engagements.
  • We also take pride in scoping T&M contracts that are typically 90%+ accurate and mean that change orders are the real exception, not the rule.
How do I engage Computomic?
What are the standard benefits?
  • We offer great benefits, including.
  • Excellent Compensation, and bonuses.
  • 401k Plan.
  • Robust Healthcare plan and Wellness Benefits.
  • Paid Time Off and Sick Leave.
  • Referral Program.
  • Training & Certification on Databricks and adjacent technologies.
  • Career Development including management/ leadership training.
  • Professional Development Assistance .
  • Excellent work culture.
  • Hybrid working option (HQ location is Princeton, NJ).

What is the work culture?
How does Computomic ensure that projects deliver business impact/ meet the customer's business objectives?
  • We ask the ‘why’ from the first conversion with the customer and never lose sight of that throughout every project.
  • Our methodology forces us take all the steps necessary to deliver the business objective and to keep going back to the big picture. 
  • Projects are only completed once we know that it will deliver the business impact to the customer.
What services does Computomic offer?
AI and ML
  1. Review and work with Domain experts to model and build AI/ML models in Python/Spark.
  2. Help with LLM and generative AI solutions including prompt engineering.
  3. Deploy models using ML Flow to optimize resource usage and tune predictive models.
What are our standard processes?
How do you communicate with your customers?
  • Every project plan includes a communication cadence. This is typically a mix of daily and weekly stand-ups, and written status reports.
  • Our Project Managers are responsible for all aspects of customer communication and can tailor the communication method and cadence on a customer by customer basis.
How do I engage Computomic?
How is training and professional development handled at Computomic?
  • All of our technical consultants are required to train and pass the Databricks Data Engineer Associate and Databricks Data Engineer Professional certifications.
  • Databricks offers a comprehensive suite of training courses and certifications which are self paced and available to you at no cost.
  • We encourage all our consultants to take additional training whenever possible.
What is the work culture?
Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reports
  1. Evaluate, Architect Dashboard and Reports for Management and Data Analysts using tools such as PowerBI, Tableau and WebFOCUS.
  2. Secure distribution of BI content to all levels of users within and outside the organization.
  3. Scheduling and distributing zero click content.
What are our standard processes?
Our solutions

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