Contracts, Repairs & Claims Data

Problem we found

Major European white goods servicing and repair company wanted 360 degree visibility of its customers and its internal business processes.   

Customer Vision

  • Based on customer purchase patterns, understand how each customer engages with the business including call center, support, repairs, claims, remediation and so on
  • Optimize their business operations to track customer behavior
  • Track customer changes based on demographics 
  • Correlate customer journey with company financial systems

Technical Pain

  • Data was siloed in different home-grown applications, and different applications were unable to communicate with each other
  • Not able to get a unified view of all company and customer data 
  • Not able to track historical data for comparative analysis

Solution we implemented

  • Created 3 use cases from soup to nuts in 3 months (customer contracts, claims and repair data)
  • Ingested data from internal sources & external providers e.g. Genesys (IVR data)
  • Harmonized data set for all related data from multiple data sources, integrated in Databricks Silver  layer 
360 degree
View of customer and business processes

Positive Outcomes

  • 360 degree view of the customer support, claim and repair process
  • Significantly improved time to respond and time to repair through availability of timely information
  • Able to rapidly create new use cases - 3 delivered soup to nuts in 3 months
  • Able to quickly create new use cases e.g. for offers and campaigns
“Congratulations! Computomic is the first partner to successfully deliver a major Enterprise project end to end for the Databricks EMEA Professional Services team.” Artir Geci, Delivery Partner Manager, Databricks Professional Services EMEA